Early Christians didn’t think of themselves, nor call themselves “Christians.” That title didn’t come until much later. Instead early Christians called themselves the followers of the “Way.” That “Way” was the path of discipleship following their rabbi, Jesus. To be a disciple in ancient days meant to follow the rabbi wherever he went: to sleep under the same roof; eat at the same table; sit at his feet when he taught; to follow him down new paths; to live the life that embodied his teachings; and to work to spread his teachings.


We are the modern followers of the “Way.” Our rabbi is still Jesus. And we are still called to be faithful disciples of him. This Lent is a great time to get back on the path of discipleship if we’ve found ourselves wandering far from the “Way.” It’s never too late to rejoin those already seated at the table, there’s a place we’ve saved for you. It’s never too late to get on the path following him down the road, there’s good fellowship along it.


So this Lent, we’re working to make it is easy to get back on the path, by sponsoring a Lenten Small Group Study Series. With the following features:

· Meeting in small groups Wednesday nights or Sunday morning before church.

· Meeting in people’s homes or at the church.

· Featuring a simple meal of soup and sandwiches, or breakfast items.

· Watching video segments of the life of Jesus from the film, “Son of God.”

· Followed by discussion, bible study, and prayer.


It’s our hope that you’ll enjoy a great time in small groups meeting together to eat, study, and pray together. And that this experience will bring you closer to your rabbi, Jesus. Also, that you’ll make some new friends along the way as you grow in your faith.


Inside the newsletter, you’ll find a sign-up sheet with some more information on how to get involved with these Lenten small groups. Please take a moment to fill it out and return it to the church office by February 24th. We look forward to helping you become better disciples of Jesus and followers of the, “Way.”



Grace and Peace,

Pastor Scott




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7:00am        Men's Bible Study
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Thursday, February 21st
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Sunday, February 24th
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10:00am        Worship
11:00am        Fellowship
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