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First Presbyterian Church
Doing the work God called us to do when Christ said:
“Take up your cross and follow me.”

Follow Me to Worship:

Worship, Sundays at 10am
♦ followed by Coffee & Conversation
♦ nursery available.
Follow Me to Fellowship:

Fun for all ages and interests!  The First Presbyterian Church family likes to have fun together.  We’ve been golfing and curling; we’ve had game nights, baseball nights, and “senior” proms.  You never know what fun will happen next.  Come be part of whatever adventure is happening next.
Follow Me to Service:

Offering ourselves in service to the local community and to the places in the world that need a helping hand, there is always a way to get involved in service at First Presbyterian Church.


News and Events

Monday, December 15


Tuesday, December 16
7:00AM       Men’s Bible Study
5:45PM       Explorer’s
6:00PM       Mission

Wednesday, December 17      
5:00PM       Budget
6-8:00PM    Caroling

Thursday, December 18       
9:30AM      Quilter’s
4:30PM      Soul Sisters
6:30PM      Music Team
6:30PM      Session

Sunday, December 21 
8:45AM     Adult Education
9:00AM     NO Sunday School/Sr. High Youth                                                                          
10:00AM   Worship 
Congregational meeting following worship
11:00AM   Fellowship

More calendar details can be found by clicking on the calendar tab! 


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