Introducing Our Staff

Revs. Scott and Leanne Thompson


Shara Goldenstein

Administrative Assistant

Jill Boeyink

Christian Education & Youth Ministries Director
Music Team Director

Deb Lang

Financial Secretary

Jerry and Sue Schiro


Terry Woitaszewski

Winter Custodian

Erica Boeyink

Nursery Supervisor

Church Leadership

Betty Knutson

Clerk of  Session

Bea Ourada


Church Session

Class of 2021
Scott Boeyink
Bob Dincau
Darcy Forkrud
Andrea Walz

Class of 2022
Deb Grunwald
Betty Knutson
Sherry Myers
Chuck Stern

Class of 2023
Roger Tatge
Marguerite Austin
Mel Odens
Karen Skaggs


Class of 2021
Vicki and Jon Carver
Curt and Linda Jans
Earl Knutson
Kris and Barb Samuelson

Class of 2022
Connie Spartz
Linda Thomas
Jon and Darcy Gubrud
Alida Rampaart
Rita Dincau